Music Videos

Excerpts from the opera “Caligula’s Favorite Play” 

“Wild Turnpike”

Excerpts from the 2-act opera «C A L I G U L A» (in Russian).

Pantomimes, suite for a piano solo

HOMAGE, suite for soprano and cello

DUO for cello and piano

TRIO for soprano, oboe and piano

Fantasy on Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade for Four Pianos

Art songs by Margarita Zelenaia with Kenneth Lawrence, tenor


Byzantine Chants, sacred concerto for a solo cello

Double Variations based on Mussorgsky for a solo piano

Lamentation for violin solo and strings

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HOMAGE I, suite for clarinet and violin

HOMAGE II, duo for violin and cello

The Agony in the Garden (based on the El Greco’s painting), poem for viola and piano

Impromptu Mobile for piano solo 

Solitude, suite for a flute solo 

Mussorgsky and Beyond, Double Variations for a piano solo

I Believe, Prayer for Violin solo and string orchestra

“What a Happiness!” with Andrey Nemzer, countertenor

The Lion that Couldn’t Roar, music fairy-tale 


Inter Ago (2015) Excerpt